Marine enginering courses

No one can deny the truth that the Merchant Navy is one of the most dynamic & lucrative careers in the shipping industry. From food to fuel, around 90% of the goods are transported by sea across the globe.

Despite the handsome salary, employees at sea enjoy work life by traveling worldwide while interacting with people of different cultures, races & religions.

Despite other courses for the merchant navy, with B Tech in Marine Engineering, you get the most rewarding & satisfying jobs on ships.

What is the Scope of Marine Engineering?

A career in marine engineering has a vast scope in India and overseas. There is a high demand in both government & private companies for marine engineering.

Some of these job opportunities are like:

  • Marine Engineers
  • Naval Architects
  • Marine Technologist
  • Site Managers
  • Metalworkers & other Technicians
  • Contractors & Suppliers
  • Sales & Project Management

However, to become a marine engineer, you need to follow some steps, like a degree in this field is required to be an eligible candidate.

You will get selected for the training after clearing the entrance exam. However, on successful completion of the training, the engineers can be posted in private or Government companies.

Eligibility Criteria

Specific skills are required in the candidate to become a successful eligible candidate.

Here are some of the standard & basic eligibility criteria of a candidate that are essential in this field:

  • Must be between 17-25 years of age
  • Perfect eyesight
  • No hearing impairment
  • Must weigh over 42 Kg and above 150 cm
  • Good dental health
  • Mentally stable & good psychological condition
  • Must pass a medical examination
  • Unmarried at the time of commencement of training
  • Must be an Indian citizen, while foreign candidates must receive special permission from the Ministry of Shipping

Boost Your Career with the College of Marine Engineering

The cadet is eligible to join the ship as an Engine Cadet after completing the course, and from here, the journey begins. It is required to complete the minimum sailing time for eligibility for the next promotion.

Generally, within 9-12 years, the cadets can go up to the top post of Chief Engineer, with a salary of around 5 lakh a month.

The good thing is that the salary is received in foreign currency, usually US dollars, exempted from taxes.

You can boost your career significantly with the College of Maritimes Studies, which ensures the placement of students in some of the most prestigious companies.

So, advance your career course like Graduate in Marine Engineering (GME) and others that brighten their prospects in the Merchant Navy.