Program Highlights: Unlock Your Culinary Potential

  • Global Culinary Emphasis :

Tailored for a worldwide Culinary Career, our program immerses you in international techniques and flavors, providing a passport to global opportunities. From the sizzling spices of Asia to the delicate confections of Europe, our seasoned chefs will guide you through a culinary journey that transcends borders.

  • Hands-On Cruise Industry Training:

Master the unique challenges of cruise ship kitchens through practical experiences, ensuring you’re well-prepared for success in seafaring culinary environments.

  • 7-Star Culinary Mastery:

Elevate your skills to craft culinary masterpieces that exceed expectations. Dive deep into the art of creating 7-star dishes, refining both technique and creativity.

  • Assured Placement with minimum ₹65K Starting Salaries:

Secure your future with our commitment to success. Upon program completion, enjoy assured placement in the culinary industry, accompanied by a minimum starting of ₹65K.

Course Structure: What You’ll Learn

  • MONTH 1: Foundations of Culinary Excellence

These initial months will build a strong foundation, covering essential areas such as Culinary Fundamentals, Introduction to Culinary Arts, Knife Skills, Basic Cooking techniques, Gourmet Baking and Pastry, Baking Essentials, Pastry Techniques, and Dessert Preparation.

  • MONTH 2: Elevating Culinary Skills

It focuses on Cruise Menu Planning and Management, Menu Design, Culinary Creativity, Nutrition and Special Diets, Specializations and Innovations, International Cuisine, Molecular Gastronomy, and Sustainability Practices.

  • MONTH 3-4: Elevating the Cruise Dining Experience

Students will delve into menu planning, cost control, and innovative culinary techniques, including molecular gastronomy and sustainability practices.

  • MONTH 5-6: Cruise Kitchen Operations and Real-world Practice

Cruise Kitchen Simulations, Simulated Kitchen Operations, Guest Interaction Scenarios, Brigade Training, Cruise Ship Gastronomy, Cruise Dining Experience, Beverage Crafting and Pairing Mastery, Plating and Presentation.

  • 6 MONTHS Industrial Traning : Hands-on experience in 3-star and 5-star cruise ships

The highlight of the program, this phase provides hands-on experience in 3-star and 5-star hotels. Students gain practical exposure, by working in a real cruise ship environment, learning guest service, kitchen operations, and culinary management.

Jobs And Salary: Get Guaranteed Placements 

  • Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are guaranteed placements in the cruise industry. 

  • They can expect competitive starting salaries ranging from 65000 INR to 85000 INR and above, depending on the specific role and experience level. This ensures a promising career start, providing an opportunity to excel in the dynamic cruise industry.

For those seeking more advanced and specialized education in maritime studies, our Diploma in Nautical Science is the perfect choice. This program provides in-depth knowledge of navigation, ship operations, and maritime law. Graduates of this diploma program are well-prepared for officer-level positions on ships