Join the Merchant Navy

In today’s world of equality, there are still some jobs that females are not allowed to join. Earlier, the merchant navy was one of those jobs, but now, females can be a part of the crew members in the merchant navy. However, getting into such jobs is still a hard nut to crack. There are many options for women to prepare for the merchant navy exams to secure their careers in one of the decent jobs of the current era.  

If any women want to apply for the merchant navy, they should need to join the best merchant navy coaching institute for the best results. Keep reading this article till the end to know how many career opportunities women can get in the merchant navy. 

Can a Girl Apply for the Merchant Navy After 12th?

Yes, many opportunities are waiting for women in the merchant navy. Time is running fast, and with this, opportunities for women in the merchant navy are also increasing daily. Females can improve their personality, skills, and understanding of the exam for the merchant navy by joining CMS.

How Can a Female Join the Merchant Navy?

The answer to this question is straightforward, i.e., just as men do. They need to clear an exam for the merchant navy, and based on your result, and you can get into the merchant navy academy. Both males and females must score well to increase their chances of admission. For the best results, you should know about merchant navy coaching. 

Which Job Is the Best for Women in the Merchant Navy?

The merchant navy includes many job opportunities for women. If we talk about the best, the officer rank job is the most suitable for women in the merchant navy. Also, women can pursue their careers after 12th in the engine department, hospitality, deck department, and department on cruise ships. 

At the beginning of the merchant navy, it was a male-dominated field with no women crew members. But in the past few years, the government provided opportunities to women in the merchant navy. If we talk about the present scenario, women occupy only 2% of jobs in the maritime sector. Even in these few opportunities, women play a crucial role and prove their worth in the maritime sector.  

What Ranks Can Women Join in the Merchant Navy?

In the merchant navy, women can join many ranks and departments. First, we talk about the departments and then about the categories. 

There are three departments available for women to serve in the merchant navy.

  1. Catering department 
  2. Engine department 
  3. Deck department 

Each department has two categories.

  1. Officer rank 
  2. Crew rank

Now on the above, we mention the best career opportunities for women in the merchant navy. It’s all up to you which one you choose according to your suitability and qualifications. 

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