Tips & Tricks for Preparing for the IMU-CET 2023

Indian Maritime University’s standard entrance test is abbreviated as IMU CET, and a common entrance test is basic to getting admission to an institute of maritime studies. If you dream of getting into the merchant navy, you must clear IMU CET to start maritime education.

IMU CET is a national-level examination conducted for various UG and PG disciplines like B.Sc Natural Science, B.Tech Marine Engineering, Diploma in Nautical Sciences, M.Tech Marine Technology and Management, etc. This test is conducted by the ministry of shipping, Government of India.

Candidates must comprehend the exam format to know the exam method, duration, number of sections, type of questions, marking scheme, and much more before beginning the study for IMU CET 2024.

IMU CET 2024 Preparation Tips & Tricks

  1. Understand the Syllabus and Weightage

To begin with preparation, you should start by reading the syllabus of IMU CET. Starting blindly might not help you crack it, especially if you sit for the 2023 exam. Thus, along with the syllabus, give attention to the weightage of the topic. Start with topics with high weightage, so you get ample time to understand and revise them. Delegate time to every topic according to its weightage.

  1. Go Through the Previous Year’s Papers

IMU CET is conducted every year, and you can get a fair idea of what types of questions are asked; which topic do they ask the most about? Ensure that you don’t get stuck on one year’s paper; instead, consider the last 4 to 5 years of papers and practice them as your assignment or mock test.

  1. Choose the Best Book

Choosing the best book doesn’t mean choosing something extraordinary but instead starting with the basics. You can start with NCERT books with easy language and all the essential information. As soon as you strengthen your basic knowledge, it will get easier to understand the secondary concepts.

  1. Coaching Classes

If IMU CET 2024 your first attempt, then taking coaching classes will make it easier for you to a great extent. Self-study is the most important thing, but starting with coaching will save you time and effort. IMU CET coaching classes with the College of Maritime Studies will help you find suitable preparation methods according to your capacity. They will give you an idea of how to start and keep your preparation consistent.

  1. Revision

Once you have completed your syllabus thoroughly, start with your revision as early as possible. The revision will strengthen your concepts and help examine the weak points. Instead of only revising once, revise as many times as possible before exams.

The Bottom Line

The IMU CET is a prestigious national-level exam and has exceptionally high competition. However, if you consistently keep preparing until you sit for IMU CET 2024, you will get many excellent colleges and disciplines.

At the College of Maritime Studies, we provide online classes for IMU CET, and help you prepare for the entrance test.