NDA after 12th for girls

Can Girls Apply for the NDA? Thanks to the Supreme Court, girls are now permitted to take the NDA exam! One hundred forty-seven thousand women have enrolled in the NDA (National Defense Academy). It includes 669,000 candidates or 22% of the total. An overall number of 570,000 applications were received the previous year, and 178,000 women, or 31%, were female.

If you are a female applicant looking to join the Indian Army, this write-up is for you. Its entirety to discover the top factors indicating why taking the NDA exam after the 12th is a smart career choice for girls.

  • Job Satisfaction 

Today, we only want job satisfaction because it is a pleasant experience we get from doing our jobs. Hence, the employee feels good about their work. There are various ways to increase an employee’s job happiness, including a challenging work environment, frequent thanks, competitive remuneration, and career advancement. We all experience extreme dissatisfaction in the absence of all these strategies, which leads to job-hopping. However, if you work for the Indian Army, you become accustomed to these environments and always feel proud and accountable for your work.

  • Security for You and Your Family

Job security ensures that your employer is happy with your work and is not in a rush to terminate you. Job security is very high for those who work for the Indian Army. Additionally, many health benefits are available to employees and their families. Even when you retire, you will continue to receive all of these perks, including medical facility loan options, school supplies, and flying travel.

  • Learn Different Skills & Training

The Indian Army provides advanced technical training, and there are also off-duty training opportunities. Character and leadership, physical, military, and intellectual development are the main areas they focus on. To “supply the Nation with Military Leaders of the Highest Professional, Intellectual, Physical and Moral Caliber,” according to the NDA’s mission statement. So, if you’re wondering why NDA after 12th for girls is advantageous, this will quench your curiosity.

  • Selfless Service to  Nation 

The last but essential reason NDA for girls is a suitable career option is the service to the nation. Candidates who enlist in the Indian Army do sacrificial duty for their nation and feel proud of themselves. You will defend your nation against the armed forces of the adversary. In addition, the Indian Army is ranked as the fifth-most powerful Army in the world. This demonstrates the sense of service that the individuals chosen for the Indian Army possess.

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