Life at Sea as a Merchant Navy Officer

You must be aware of sea life if you dream of living a professional life at sea as a merchant navy. This is true that joining as a merchant navy officer is not for everyone, where you’ve to face the most challenging situations at every point.

So, with that said, here we’ve brought you some points of consideration to keep in mind before you join the merchant navy.

Sea-life of a Merchant Navy

Sea life is very different from that on land. Below is the life on the sea as a merchant navy:

Working Hours on Ship

A ship is like a small colony that works every day of the year and 24/7. To keep running, people on the ship work for long hours compared to other military categories.

The normal working hours of the chief officer will be from 4 to 8 in the morning & 4 to 8 in the evening. In the same way, the working hours of the 2nd officer will be 12 to 4 at night & 12 to 4 in the afternoon.

Extreme Weather Condition

Talking about the weather condition, you must be well-prepared for the ever-changing background. In summers, the weather can go above 50-60 degrees Celsius, which makes it hard for people to work on deck and in the engine room. Similarly, in cold weather, where the weather can go beyond 0 degrees Celsius.

For a newbie, it becomes one of the most challenging tasks to survive in these types of hot & cold weather conditions.


The Internet is essential for everyone. These days most of the ships have internet facilities. However, it all depends on the ship’s owner if you are allowed to use the Internet free or pay fees to use the service. Paid service is costly, and not everyone can afford it.


Food quality is well-maintained, and high-quality food is available for both vegetarian & non-vegetarian people onboard ships. The quantity is well-sufficient, and no food is served after the mess.


Merchant navy is a profession that makes you financially independent at an early age by earning a handsome salary. Starting with a few thousand, it can take you a few lakh per month salary tax-free that you completed 183 days on board an FG ship.

Family Carriage

Most of the companies allowed officers for family carriage. In the family carriage, only spouses & kids are allowed. However, it’s suitable only if your accommodation is ample & supervisors are supportive enough.

Mentally Strong

It’s tough to join such a profession where you’ve to be alone with your family & friends for many months. People who survive at sea must strengthen their mental health, as it is not a job for chickenhearted people.

Join Merchant Navy Today

The job & life of a merchant navy has their share of positives & challenges. However, with numerous opportunities, these challenges outweigh the challenges.

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