merchant navy institute

Travelling around the world, managing cargo, checking ship direction, maintaining the ship, cleaning the vessels, exploring various cultures, etc. This is what the life of a Merchant Navy officer is all about.

It is an interesting and exciting career for those passionate about travel. They get compensated for doing what they enjoy most: travel. However, there is also a downside; since they won’t see their family for months, their work-life balance may be impacted. They are given vacations of 3-4  months and work for periods of 6-7 months at a time. Hence, they benefit from the best of both worlds.

Before we know more about the Merchant Navy, let us first know the essential details.

What is the Merchant Navy?

A merchant navy is often referred to as the merchant marine. A fleet of commercial ships registered in a particular jurisdiction is known as a merchant navy. The International Convention mandates that seafarers or sailors of all ranks, including, in some situations, unionized seafarers, must work on these commercial vessels. The merchant navy has standards for watchkeeping, certification, and training for seafarers. The merchant marine is required to carry Merchant Mariner’s Documents.

Scope of Merchant Navy in India

The profession has a wide range of potential applications, and the Merchant Navy is among the most lucrative. There are many distinct ships, each carrying a different kind of cargo. 

Cadets’ beginning pay is very alluring. The ship’s maintenance is often the cadet’s responsibility, and they aid the officers in their work. Their pay would increase after passing the competency tests, the sea trial, and joining the ship.

Engineers handle the technical problems and are in charge of maintaining the ship’s functionality. Although rates with different firms vary, gas tankers often offer a 20–30% higher pay scale. They can work with a variety of cargoes, including the following:

After completing your training at the merchant navy institute, you can join a variety of cargos. You can pick the type of ship you want to join; however, it will entirely depend on the availability of different fields.


As a career option, Merchant Navy is fruitful if you are willing to follow all fundamental steps wisely. For students who desire to work in the Merchant Navy, there are a lot of opportunities in this field. An ocean-loving person would benefit significantly from this career option financially and professionally.

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