Which is Better, B.E. Marine Engineering or

With the advent of the words’ trade’ & ‘market,’ the word ‘shipping’ came into existence. Shipping has been the lifeline of global trade for centuries; it consists of 56000 merchant vessels that transport goods from around the world.

The responsibility of maintaining the operational capability of ships & innovating better methods of transporting goods by sea for smooth exchange falls upon a marine engineer.

So, with this article, we’ll compare which is better, BE Marine Engineering or Graduate Marine Engineering.

Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) & B.E Marine Engineering – A Comparison

Graduate Marine Engineering is a 1 year PG diploma course that some 20 colleges in India offer for 2 semesters. The course best suits those who’ve completed their Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering or Naval Architecture.

While on the other hand, Btech in Marine Engineering is a full-time 4-year course divided into 8 semesters. Today, 45 colleges in India offer this course, and 22% are government colleges. Students with a science stream in 12th are eligible for this course.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are willing to get admission into Graduate Marine Engineering College or B.E. Marine Engineering, here’s the criterion:

Factors Graduate Marine Engineering B.E. Marine Engineering
Age The age of the student must be less than 28 years on the day of starting the course. For the general category, the age must be between 18-25 years in August of every year. For SC/ST, students get a relaxation of 5 years as compared to the general category.
Educational Qualification Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or Naval Architecture with a minimum of 55% in aggregate. 10+2 science stream with recognized board and aggregate marks of 55%. Candidates with a 3-year diploma are eligible through the lateral entry scheme.
English Proficiency A minimum score of 50% in 12th in English Minimum of 50% in 12th in English
Medical Assessment Physically fit with all medical requirements specified in the Director General of Shipping.

Eyesight 6/12 of both eyes without any visual aids or color blindness.

Physically fit meeting all the required medical requirements specified as Director General of Shipping. Both eyesight 6/12 visions without any visual aids or color blindness.


Why Choose GME over B.E. Marine Engineering?

  • Opportunities in Other Fields – GME graduates shift over to any on-shore job as they are certified in Mechanical Engineering or Naval Architecture.
  • Assured Placement – Most of the GME colleges are assured of providing placement in a company.

Why Choose B.E. Marine Engineering over GME?

  • Year Loss –E. Marine Engineering course is a 4-year course, while GME aspirants need to complete a 4-year course before going through a 1-year course.
  • Knowledge & ExpertiseBE Marine Engineering is mainly focused on both practical & theoretical knowledge, which sounds more typical than the GME course, which primarily focuses on theoretical expertise.

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